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Today is like anyother school day which is as boring as it sounds. The day started off with media and house inspection worries.edia was productive because the bidding for our tv shows and movies ended and we finished our timelo for the first week of our programs. (basically our media project is to create a tv station and work out a schedule for the station by buying tv shows and movies. Along with creating three of our own. ) Maths was a boring double because not only were my friends away but it was revision for another test -.-
Film was alright because all i had to do was to load my animqtion onto the comouter and help another classmate out with their project.
And so I fimished school at 1 and hastly departed into the city along with a friend who was on her way home. And we got to talking about what was happening within our friends. People not liking people and about love lives (hers not mine). And i dont know it's got me thinking that people change and that friendship groups disband and morf into other groups. But mostly that the way that friendships are protrayed in shpws and stuff is wrong because the friends that you have known forever might become strangers to you in 10 years....
Anyway have my contacts now and I'm headed home to hopefully get most of my dance solo finished and maybe get some homework done.
Maddie out
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